What are the truly big questions for Canada? What challenges our country’s current and future capacity to be a model of social and environmental well-being? Are there elements of our culture and beliefs, our governments’ policies and/or the economy that no longer function as well as they could? Can we collaborate for positive change within the web of systems that affect all of us?

We live in a complex world that demands new perspectives, insightful creativity and collaborative responses to the key challenges of our times.  Over the course of the coming decades, current young leaders who understand real world problems and working for transformative change will be best placed to play long-term roles to steward Canada towards a resilient, prosperous and just future.

In 2013, the Graduate Diploma in Social Innovation will be focused on, but not limited to individuals aged 22-35, with experience as change-makers, and who want to learn to work for broad system change (political, economic, legal, education, environmental, social, etc). Together, this cohort will collaborate to more deeply understand our national systems, to identify key challenges, and to develop social innovation strategies that can tip social and environmental systems in positive directions. Nominees will have a clear passion for change, a tolerance for risk, a deep appreciation for collaboration, a high interest in learning and a strong desire for action. We particularly invite nominations of promising, young people with connections to marginalized communities, in anticipation of convening a richly diverse and inclusive learning community.